AT-6 "Texan" (all silver-single color)


The first of all AT-6 kits made in the factory is painted in the mold with an all silver base. Note: Some of the photos on this page are from the prorotype and do not represent the all silver kit, but the shown scheme can be applied to the all silver version by you. You can specify any other SINGLE COLOR and receive your kit without upcharge with any other single color.

The kit comes as a standard with the sliding canopy frame and scale flap hinging. It is prepared for the CARF-Models AT-6 E-Gear and the CARF-Models fixed tail gear, as well as the especially manufactured scale wheels. A scale cockpit will also be available soon. 

The plane is designed around 180 - 250 cc 4-stroke radial engines or 120-150 cc flat twin 2-stroke engines. It is as highly prefabricated as our other high end warbirds, if not even more. 

Item Number: 491000

Factory Order Item

Price including Tax:  3,490.00 EUR

w/o Tax:  2,932.77 EUR

Tax (VAT/GST):  557.23 EUR

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